Please use a desktop computer to file an application with us as you need to upload the following documents:
"Leaving Certificate of Secondary Education", "Motivation Letter", "Passport or ID Scan", "Police Clearance Certificate", "Language Certificates".

Thank you for your interest! We’re excited to get to know you and support you along the journey of deciding whether the EDU Bachelor of Medicine is the right choice for you.

The admission process at EDU consists of 3 stages that allows us to get to know you and give you the opportunity to learn about the programme and how well it matches your skills and aspirations:

Stage 1: Submit an online application
Stage 2: Take part in a 45 minute online test
Stage 3: Take part in an interview
You can find out more about each stage 
and we’re here to answer any questions and advise you on this decision. Just reach out to us at

An application fee of 50 EUR is required for the processing of every application. This will be deducted from first academic year tuition if the student's application is successful.
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